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Özak Construction JSC

Founded in 1987, Özak Construction Contracting and Trade Inc. Thanks to its technical skills and equipment, work discipline, reliability and sincerity in the construction sector, university campuses, health facilities, sports facilities, housing and especially infrastructure, which are the cornerstones of all time, have realized many important projects.

Our company has first expanded its field of activity by adding infrastructure issues to the working life that started with the construction of superstructure in the public area and developed its expertise on these issues.

Field of Activities

Our field of activity : building construction, road works (engineering work, ground works, foundations and sub-base laying and compaction works, the bituminous hot mix, binder and wearing course fabrication), rain water and sewage production, various sizes of drinking water lines and tanks, environmental arrangement (kurb and panquet laying, loam work, greening and irrigation works), all rough and thin constructions of reinforced concrete buildings, steel frame constructions and installations, LV-MV-HV power line and substation construction, tunnel-type underpass and overpass junction arrangement construction, grillage on bored pile foundation, precast prestressed beams, retaining wall and revetment, curtain manufactures.

Areas of Expertise

Our goal is to make production in an environmentally friendly manner that respects people and nature which makes us feel more and more important in our world where needs are increasing day by day.

University campus constructions

Road and intersection arrangements

Underpass and overpass construction

Renewable Energy Systems

We make a difference in your projects with our expertise and experience

Without compromising on quality and time, we have successfully completed projects with the experience we have obtained from the projects we have successfully completed, adhering to the high quality concept and principles…